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October 14, 2002


Strange paper today by Klebanov & Polyakov. They claim the Fradkin-Vassiliev theory (a theory with an infinite number of higher spin gauge fields in AdS space) is AdS/CFT dual to a large-N CFT on the boundary.

This is puzzling. The AdS/CFT correspondence requires (I thought) a diffeomorphism-invariant theory in the bulk. That is, either a gravitational theory, of a topological quantum field theory. The FV theory is neither.

What gives?

Near as I can figure, what we really require is a local gauge symmetry in the bulk which contains SO(d,2), the isometry group of AdS, as a subgroup. I think that’s what Fradkin & Vassiliev claim to have. The amazing thing (if true) is that this gauge group is not the diffeomorphism group.


Posted by distler at October 14, 2002 12:25 PM

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