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September 12, 2019

Stellenbosch is Hiring

Posted by John Baez

guest post by Bruce Bartlett

The Mathematics Division at Stellenbosch University is advertising two permanent faculty positions at the level of Senior Lecturer and Professor.

Quoting from the advertisement (Senior Lecturer position, Professor position):

The Mathematical Sciences Department is responsible for teaching and research in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Stellenbosch University. The Mathematics Division is keen to strengthen its research in Algebra, Analysis, Category Theory, Combinatorics, Logic, Number Theory, and Topology. The Faculty of Science will offer a good research establishment grant for the first two years.

Stellenbosch University is one of South Africa’s top universities. It is located in Stellenbosch, a pleasant university town situated in the winelands about forty five minutes from Cape Town:

Pic of Stellenbosch

Deadline for applications is 27 September 2019.

There are currently 23 faculty members in the Mathematics Division, with research groups being Algebra and Model Theory, Categorical Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Duality Theory, Functional Analysis, Mathematical and Theoretical Physical Biosciences, Number Theory and Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics.

I would be very happy for someone with interests in mathematical physics / higher categories / topology, or other interests represented here at the n-category cafe, to join the Division. You are welcome to contact me in this regard.

Posted at September 12, 2019 8:50 AM UTC

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