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June 2, 2003


(5/31/2003) So I have five hours to kill in the Continental Terminal at Newark Airport. You’d think that this spanking new Terminal would be replete with all the latest creature comforts. You’d be half right. There’s a “Meditation Room”, and Sushi for sale at the food court. But no WiFi. Not even the Starbucks had a hotspot.

Grumble …

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theft of my bag and what to do in the future to safeguard my notes.

Some people conscientiously TeX up all their calculations. If I did that, I’d have a copy on golem and a copy on my iBook, in addition to (or, perhaps, instead of) the original hand-written copy in my notebook. It’d be handy when it came time to write things up (something I’m insufficiently assiduous about). On the other hand, I ‘m not sure I’m ever going to be conscientious enough to pull it off.

A lower-tech alternative is to xerox all my note and keep one copy at home and one copy at work. Less stuff to schlep back and forth. [Interesting side note: the cocoaAspell spell-checker agrees that “schlep” is an English word.] But bad for the trees.

We’ll see…

(6/1/2003) My forebearance of the primitive conditions at Newark was rewarded by an uneventful flight. Surreal conversation one row over on the relative threat of suicide bombers vs SARS as disincentives to travel. Those involved were evidently unfazed by the former; they couldn’t quite agree on the latter.

(6/2/2003) I’m settling in at the Weizmann Institute for a short stay. By late afternoon, I finally have network connectivity.

Posted by distler at June 2, 2003 11:02 AM

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