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October 28, 2003


Blogging has been light over here at Musings. But I have not forgotten about y’all.

Dvali and Kachru have a new paper out on their New/Old Inflation proposal. I’ve been engaged in discussions with them about my previous complaints. I’ll post something when we’ve converged on some sort of quasi-consensus. Suffice to say that the constraints can be satisfied by taking (in the notation of my previous post) λ 1λ 310 64\lambda_1\sim\lambda_3\sim 10^{-64}, λ 2O(1)\lambda_2\sim O(1) and m iM plm_i\sim M_{pl}.

Shamit has been busy on other fronts, with a paper with Gukov and collaborators attempting to revive an old proposal of Rohm and Witten for stabilizing the moduli in compactifications of the heterotic string with HH-flux. The new wrinkle, they argue, is that the HH-flux can be fractional, rather than integral, which, if the fraction is small enough, leads to an AdS vacuum with small cosmological constant (in the approximation that supersymmetry is unbroken).

MovableType Comment Spam continues to be a problem elsewhere in the blogosphere. But not here at Musings, where some simple anti-spam manoeuvres have proven remarkably effective. Since my mt-comments.cgi script has not yet disappeared from Google’s listings, I still see an average of a two attempted robo-postings a day. But all that does is land the chickenboners in my IP Ban List.

Posted by distler at October 28, 2003 9:40 AM

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Re: Miscellaneous - fascism of Mozilla

Standards are wonderful things, the pop-up on this site is preaching to the choir (view in IE to see pop-up). However, the everyone vs. Microsoft movement has the fervor of religion and is about as logical. Nothing is worse than those who can’t (or won’t) acknowledge shortcomings in an attempt to discredit Redmond.


Stop the insanity!

Posted by: joeseph on November 28, 2003 4:40 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Miscellaneous - fascism of Mozilla

[T]he pop-up on this site is preaching to the choir (view in IE to see pop-up).

That’s … umh … a joke, right?
“Preaching to the choir” usually presupposes that the choir can hear/see your sermon. The only people who ever see the aforementioned popup are, almost by definition not “the choir.”


And your point would be?

There is no browser in existence that implements the full CSS2 Specification and implements it correctly.

My favourite Mozilla bug (and one that is visible from the main page of this blog) is the way it spooges overflow:auto. Note how the scrollbars from overflow:auto “bleed through” the flyover menus from my sidebar. The same bug make hovering over the second-level menus difficult when they overlap a region governed by overflow:auto. Safari handles overflow:auto correctly. There are other things that Mozilla does correctly, that Safari does not.

If you’re reading this in IE, you’re probably saying, “What flyover menus?”

Nothing is worse than those who can’t (or won’t) acknowledge shortcomings in an attempt to discredit Redmond.

To the contrary, I’m all over Mozilla’s shortcomings. I have no interest in “discrediting Redmond.” All I want to do is convince as many people as possible to switch to a browser which supports Web Standards in general and MathML in particular.

“I come not to curse InternetExplorer, but to bury it.”

Posted by: Jacques Distler on November 28, 2003 9:51 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

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