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May 29, 2004

Movin’ On Up

MT 3.0

Yes, if you look down at the sidebar, you see that Musings and the String Coffee Table have been upgraded to MT 3.0. That’s 29 plugins1 and 657 lines2 of (unified diff) patches to the MT source code. Actually, 657 lines is a good bit shorter than my accumulated patches for MT 2.661. 6A actually fixed several of the bugs on my list in 3.0, while introducing, so far, only two new ones.

Remarkably, the whole thing seems to work.

(Well, OK, the comment-posting code was busted for a while, and people could preview, but not post their comments. Thanks to Srijith for catching this.)


I type these words on my new 14" G4 iBook. My aging G3 iBook was suffering from the dreaded backlight problems, and intermittent trackpad wonkiness. Keeping an external monitor and a USB mouse plugged in kinda defeats the concept of “laptop.” So, when I had a chance to purchase a brand new 1 GHz 14" iBook for under $1000 (ya gotta know the right people ;-), I decided to go for it. It arrived yesterday. I installed the RAM upgrade (to 640 MB), booted the machine in FireWire Disk Mode, and proceeded to clone my old machine’s hard drive onto the new one3. Upon rebooting, iTunes demanded that I authorize the new machine, Mathematica demanded that I re-enter my License Code (it demands that, whenever you so much as sneeze), but everything else worked flawlessly.

My only miscalculation was the naive presumption that I could re-use the Airport card from the old machine. Nope! “Airport Extreme-Ready” means incompatible with the old cards. Guess I’ll be adding another $100 to the cost of this baby …

1 The 30th plugin, MT-Blacklist, awaits a 3.0-compatible update, and another, was rendered superfluous by 3.0. Six of the 29 were plugins of mine.

2 More precisely, that was: 14 files patched, 289 lines added and 29 lines removed from the MT codebase. This doesn’t count patches to other people’s plugins. I just copied the plugins over from my MT 2.x plugins directory.

3 N.b. I had MacOSX 10.3.4 (build 7H63) installed, a later build than the one included with the machine. This is important.

Posted by distler at May 29, 2004 10:48 AM

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OpenPGP in MT 3

Another place to double-check if OpenPGPComment works well in MT 3 :) I hope you didn’t have to do any patch work.

Posted by: Srijith on May 30, 2004 10:11 AM | Permalink | PGP Sig | Reply to this

Re: OpenPGP in MT 3

All 29 plugins were copied verbatim from the versions I was using in 2.661. And clearly OpenPGPComment works just fine in 3.0.

Posted by: Jacques Distler on May 30, 2004 10:27 AM | Permalink | PGP Sig | Reply to this

Re: Movin’ On Up

I wonder, Jacques, would MT 3’s enhanced plugin architecture make it possible to implement your comment throttling changes in the form of a plugin instead of a patch?

(I admittedly don’t have a good handle on what is and isn’t possible with MT 3’s plugin architecture, and I haven’t seen as much discussion in the, er, blogosphere as I had expected. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places, or that “$20,000 IN PRIZES!” is actually causing a chilling effect.)

Posted by: jacob on June 2, 2004 11:53 AM | Permalink | Reply to this

plugins vs. patches

I don’t think any of the throttling code (comment/trackback/search) could be redone as an MT3 plugin.

I was hoping that some of my other modifications: validation (of comments and posts), comment text filters, threaded comments, etc. could be redone as pure plugins (i.e. no patching of the MT source code). But I don’t currently see how to do that.

Posted by: Jacques Distler on June 2, 2004 12:16 PM | Permalink | PGP Sig | Reply to this

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