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October 11, 2005

Helling Wades In

Robert Helling has taken upon himself to live-blog Loops 2005. From the first two days reports (Day I, Day II), it sounds like he’s not having an easy time of it. It’s hard to sustain one’s energy to blog through a week of really good talks. But, when you’re annoyed by many of the proceedings

The careful reader will have noticed that yesterday, my blogging got sparser and sparser. This was probably due to increasing boreodom/annoyance on my part. Often, I thought the organisers should have applied the charta of sci.physics.research that forbits contributions that are so vague and speculative that they are not even wrong. I could not stand it anymore and had to leave the room when the speaker (I am not going to say who it was) claimed that “the big bang is just a phase transition”.

it must be much, much harder.

Bon courage, mon ami! I hope that things improve and, that you make it through the week.

Posted by distler at October 11, 2005 8:30 AM

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Re: Helling Wades In

In case you are interested, a response to your and Robert’s comments is on Peter Woit’s blog.



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