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November 23, 2007

MA in Reasoning

Posted by David Corfield

I would like to announce that we in the Centre for Reasoning here in Canterbury are launching a new MA course for September 2008. As you can see, this offers the chance to select from four core modules:
  • Logical reasoning, fallacies and paradoxes
  • Causal and probabilistic reasoning
  • Scientific and mathematical reasoning
  • The advent of scientific reasoning: Galileo and Descartes to Newton and Kant
and then a range of non-core modules relating to reasoning in law, psychology, statistics, and computing. Anyone keen to work on the philosophical importance of category theory is, of course, more than welcome. Posted at November 23, 2007 9:38 AM UTC

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Re: MA in Reasoning

Yet another reason to join the Programme as Jon Williamson wins the Times Higher Young Researcher of the Year Award.

One of the award’s judges, Philip Esler, chief executive of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, said: “Jon Williamson’s cutting-edge philosophical research offers penetrating new understandings of causation in complex systems that have direct applications in areas ranging from healthcare to engineering.”

The other judge, Peter Atkins, fellow and professor of chemistry at Lincoln College, Oxford, added: “He shows a highly commendable vigour in propagating applications of philosophy and in establishing a journal and a research centre.”

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