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March 21, 2003


No, not the creepy National Security Adviser from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, the free MacOSX utility from Pygmy Software.

I get a lot of Microsoft Word documents in email. I don’t have Word, or any other Microsoft software, except for a stray copy of Internet Explorer that I use to test web pages. So these Word documents are sent directly to the trash unopened.

I 'spose I must be missing the occasional piece of important information. But, if the senders can’t be bothered to send their message in a universally-readable non-proprietary format, I figure they must not have thought it very important either. Anyway, no one has ever complained …

Unfortunately, my excuse ( “Very_important.doc ? I don’t think I can read that document format.”) is crumbling, thanks to the aforementioned utility. Drag an MS Word document onto Strangelove, accepts Word files

and it gets converted (using antiword and ghostscript) to PDF. produces PDF

I guess I’ll have to find another excuse …

Posted by distler at March 21, 2003 12:46 AM

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